Getting to know you… #8

Fashion designer Michelle LudekAs it’s Cape Town Fashion Week I thought you should meet a fabulous South African fashion designer Michelle Ludek. Michelle spent time overseas honing her creativity and skills in Canada and Europe before returning to South Africa to fulfill her dream of creating ready-to-wear garments for women designed by women. Every one of Michelle’s creations are a perfect combination of fabric and form and I’m definitely ready to wear them!In fact I think that if Genevieve MCC were a dress Michelle would have probably designed it.

Read on and you’ll discover that Michelle’s impeccable taste doesn’t just stop at fashion!

Michelle Ludek

Claim to Fame:
Fashion designer

Favourite restaurant?
I love Mexican, Japanese and Italian! I can’t pick a favourite as we have too many amazing restaurants in Cape Town!

Favourite getaway spot?
Local spot- Knysna
Foreign destination- Cuba

Favourite music at the moment?
Florence and the Machine, Adele, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Killers and Kings of Leon.

What book(s) are you reading?
Busy reading The Elephant Whisperer. I am an avid reader!

Sweet or Savoury?
Sour and spicy

Favourite celebration?
Birthday and Christmas with my family!

What do you never go to a party without?
Champagne and lip gloss.

Do you remember your first sip of champagne?
Yes! My uncle thought it would be quite entertaining to let me drink some when I was very young and we were having Christmas at my Gran.

When do you usually drink champagne?
Whenever I can! It is my drink of choice!

Do you keep champagne corks from special occasions?
Ha ha yes I do!

The perfect accompaniment to bubbly?
Good friends!

Most memorable champagne moment?
Honestly too many to pick just 1 favourite! Most of the best ones have been with bubbles!

You’re sitting at your favourite restaurant with chilled Genevieve MCC on the table. Who is joining you?
My gorgeous, funny and superb girlfriends! They always keep me laughing about being a mom and a woman.

Treat yourself and book a ticket to see her range at Cape Town Fashion Week at 6pm on Thursday 14 July.

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